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To ensure the safety of our students and their families, and the privacy of their information, only carers who have mobile numbers registered with the school will, initially, be able to create accounts in the Westfields Sports Family Portal. If you are already being sent SMS messages regarding absences or you were sent an SMS inviting you to sign up to the Family Portal then that mobile is authorised.


  • Supported Browsers
    • Google Chrome 72+ (macOS/Windows/iOS)
    • Chrome 72 (Andriod 7.x+)
    • Safari (iOS12 and above)
    • Safari 12+ (macOS)
    • Microsoft Edge 44+ (Windows)
    • Internet Explorer 11 (Windows - not when in compatibility mode)
    • Firefox is not supported - it may work, it may exhibit strange behaviour such as not saving changes.
    • Other browsers may work for some or all features however we have not tested the website with those browsers.
  • Create an account
    • visit the Family Portal website - http://wshs.link/family
    • click the yellow Create Account button [Image 1]
    • Enter your mobile number [Image 2] and click Continue.
      • To create an account you need to enter a mobile number that is authorised to receive SMS Absence messages from the school.
      • Later this year our family portal may contain personal information such as the names, classes, absence summary and reporting information for the children of your family who attend our school and so we require an already authorised mobile number to verify your identity during the account creation process.
    • You should receive the code within a minute or two.
    • Once you receive the code, enter the code and click Verify. [Image 3]
    • If you have entered the code correctly then you will be taken to the page where you create your account. [Image 4]
      • you will need to supply an email address and set a password
      • it is important that you use an email address that you check regularly - from time to time we will be using this email address to send additional information
      • remember that whoever knows your username and password will be able to log into the Family Portal and view information we add to the site in the future
      • student email accounts should not be used
      • when choosing a password it needs to follow these rules:
        • be at least 8 characters long
        • contain at least 1 UPPER case letter
        • contain at least 1 number
        • contain at least 1 special character such as !#-.
        • choose a strong but memorable password - such as a short phrase
        • do not reuse a password from another site
      • use the check button to confirm your email and password is correct [Image 5]
      • The Continue button will only appear once all the conditions have been met.
      • Once you click Continue your account will be created and you will be logged in with that account.
        • at the moment you will be taken to the Parent Interview booking page as that is the only function available on the Family Portal at the moment.
        • You will also be sent an email to confirm your account has been created.

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