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Stage 5 Introduction


This package has been prepared to provide students in Year 8, and their parents, with information about the curriculum on offer for Stage 5 (Years 9 & 10). Stage 5 of secondary school prepares students for senior studies and achieving a RoSA (Record of School Achievement) or the award of a HSC (Higher RoSA).

Unlike Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8) where the curriculum is compulsory and determined by the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) for all schools, Stage 5 allows some flexibility for students to choose elective subjects. Although the “core” subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and PDHPE are still compulsory, students are allowed to select three elective subjects from a comprehensive list.

In the following pages each of the subjects on offer (including the core subjects) has information provided to assist in the selection process. In addition to a brief outline of the course content, information is provided on subject contributions (if any) and assessment processes.

Students are encouraged to talk to their various teachers about the subjects on offer, so they are able to make a fully informed selection.

A message to students

You are advised to select your elective subjects carefully after reading this package thoroughly, talking to your teachers and discussing it with your parents. It is very unwise to choose a subject just because your friend has chosen it or you like the teacher. A friend’s interests and abilities may be quite different to your own and the teacher may not be the one taking your class next year.

What you should consider before selecting a subject is whether you like that type of work, whether you are good at that subject and whether it matches your general interests. While some subjects can lead you towards a career (for example, a future carpenter may want to study Industrial Technology - Timber), at this stage of your schooling it would be unwise to focus too much on a subject’s suitability for employment. All subjects will give you knowledge and skills that will benefit you in a future career.

A message to parents/carers

Parents/Carers have a pivotal role in the subject selection process as an adviser to their children. While you are aware of your child’s many talents and abilities and may be tempted to dictate their subject choice, this is generally not advised as it may lead to failure and future issues.

Your child should be encouraged to seek as much information about the various subjects on offer as is possible and then discuss this with you as their parent. Guidance through the process should certainly be given by parents with an emphasis being placed on directing your child to subjects that reflect their interests which are likely to develop their innate talents.

It is best to discourage them following a friend into a subject that is obviously unsuitable as this may lead to complications at a later stage. It is also important to reinforce that subjects at this stage of secondary school are more about developing general skills rather than preparation for a specific career.