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Aboriginal Studies

Course: Aboriginal Studies        Faculty: History Course Fees: N/A

Impact on Stage 6: N/A



Aboriginal Studies provides opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of the diverse cultures, identities and lived experiences of Aboriginal Peoples. It explores the importance of autonomy and self-determination, and the range of relationships between Aboriginal Peoples and non-Aboriginal people. The development of research and consultation skills for respectful engagement with Aboriginal communities enables students to become active and informed advocates for a just and inclusive world.

Aboriginal Studies is designed to be inclusive of all students and is of value to all students.



Stage 5 Aboriginal studies includes TWO core topics. One will be studied in Year 9 and one will be studied in Year 10. Topics can include: 

CORE TOPIC: Aboriginal Identities

Aboriginal Enterprises and Organisations

Aboriginal Peoples and the Visual Arts

Aboriginal Peoples and the Performing Arts

Aboriginal Peoples and the Media

Aboriginal Peoples and Oral and Written Expression

CORE TOPIC: Aboriginal Self-Determination and Autonomy

Aboriginal Peoples and Film and Television

Aboriginal Peoples and Technologies

Aboriginal Peoples and Sport

Aboriginal Peoples’ Interaction with Legal and Political Systems

School-developed Option.


A student:
  • describes the factors that contribute to an Aboriginal person’s identity AST5-1
  • explains ways in which Aboriginal Peoples maintain identity AST5-2
  • describes the dynamic nature of Aboriginal cultures AST5-3
  • explains adaptations in, and the changing nature of, Aboriginal cultural expression across time and location AST5-4
  • explains the importance of families and communities to Aboriginal Peoples AST5-5
  • explains the importance of self-determination and autonomy to all aspects of Aboriginal Peoples’ participation nationally and internationally AST5-6
  • assesses the significance of the roles of Aboriginal Peoples locally, regionally, nationally and internationally AST5-7
  • analyses the range of relationships between Aboriginal Peoples and non-Aboriginal peoples AST5-8
  • analyses the factors that influence non-Aboriginal peoples’ range of perceptions of Aboriginal Peoples and cultures AST5-9
  • identifies and applies appropriate community consultation protocols and ethical research practices to gather, protect and interpret data AST5-10
  • selects and uses a range of research techniques and technologies to locate, select, organise and communicate information and findings AST5-11