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Food technology

Course: Food Technology        Faculty: Home Economics        Course Fees: $100.00

Impact on Stage 6: N/A



Food is one of the essentials for life. We need it to survive, and be healthy, but it is also one of life’s pleasures. Come to Food Technology and tap into your inner Masterchef as you learn about:

  • What food is and what it is made up of
  • Why you choose the food you do
  • Food preparation skills and techniques
  • Food presentation techniques
  • Recipe development
  • New products on the market
  • Possible career opportunities
  • Nutritional value of food to health

A charge is levied towards the cost of food. Students are required to purchase a Food Technology apron, and hat as well as provide practical equipment.



There are eight focus areas:

  • Food in Australia
  • Food equity
  • Food product development
  • Food selection and health
  • Food Service and Catering
  • Food for Special Needs
  • Food for Special Occasions
  • Food Trends



  • Demonstrates hygienic handling of food to ensure a safe and appealing product
  • Identifies, assesses and manages the risks of injury and WHS issues associated with the handling of food
  • Applies appropriate methods of food processing, preparation and storage
  • Describes the relationship between food consumption, the national value of foods and the health of individuals and communities
  • Justifies food choices by analyzing the factors that influence eating habits
  • Collects, evaluates and applies information from a variety of sources
  • Communicates ideas and information using a range of media and appropriate terminology
  • Selects and employs appropriate techniques and equipment for a variety of food-specific purposes
  • Plans, prepares, presents and evaluates food solutions for specific purposes
  • Examines the relationship between food, technology and society
  • Evaluates the impact of activities related to food on the individual, society and the environment