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Industrial technology metal

Course: Industrial Technology Metal        Faculty: Industrial Arts        Course Fees: 80.00

Impact on Stage 6: N/A



The Metal 1 core module develops knowledge and skills in the use of tools, materials and techniques related to general metalwork. These are enhanced and further developed through the study of specialist modules in Metal Machining and Fabrication.



Practical projects should reflect the nature of the Metal focus area and provide opportunities for students to develop specific knowledge, understanding and skills associated with metal-related technologies. These may include:

  • fabricated projects
  • metal machining projects
  • sheet metal products



  • Identifies, assesses, applies and manages the risks and WHS issues associated with the use of a range of tools, equipment, materials, processes and technologies
  • Applies design principles in the modification, development and production of projects
  • Identifies, selects and uses a range of hand and machine tools, equipment and processes to produce quality practical projects
  • Selects, justifies and uses a range of relevant and associated materials for specific applications
  • Selects, interprets and applies a range of suitable communication techniques in the development, planning, production and presentation of ideas and projects
  • Identifies and participates in collaborative work practices in the learning environment
  • Applies and transfers skills, processes and materials to a variety of contexts and projects
  • Evaluates products in terms of functional, economic, aesthetic and environmental qualities and quality of construction
  • Describes, analyses and uses a range of current, new and emerging technologies and their various applications
  • Describes, analyses and evaluates the impact of technology on society, the environment and cultural issues locally and globally