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Languages (Italian, Japanese and Spanish)

Course: Italian, Japanese & Spanish        Faculty: Languages        Course Fees: $30.00 (per year)

Impact on Stage 6: Completion of the above courses means they will only be eligible for the Continuers course in Stage 6.



Languages learning promotes an understanding of people, societies and cultures. The skills which children acquire through the process of learning a language will help their overall performance at school and their development of social skills.

There are three languages offered at Westfields Sports in Years 9 and 10, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. The courses in these languages provide the opportunity to learners with little or no language contact to develop their language skills and extend their awareness of Italian, Japanese or Spanish cultures.

Throughout the course, assessment procedures are integrated into the teaching activities. Students are encouraged to experiment with the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through a variety of activities.

Understanding other ways of life leads to appreciation of, and respect for, the differences between people.



  • Through the four core language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), topics covered include:
  • introducing themselves
  • describing their families to others
  • reflecting on their daily routines in day-to-day life
  • discuss their schooling lives and expressing their opinions on their classes,
  • exploring what there is to do and see when travelling to Italy/Japan/Spanish speaking country
  • the cultural festivals and traditional foods of each country
  • and much more



  • Interacting - exchanging information, ideas and opinions, and socializing, planning and negotiating
  • Accessing and responding – obtaining, processing and responding to information through a range of spoken, written, digital and/or multimodal texts
  • Compositing – creating spoken, written, bilingual, digital and/or multimodal texts
  • Systems of language – understanding the language system, including sound, writing, grammar, text structure; and how language changes over time and place
  • The role of language and culture – understanding and reflecting on the role of language and culture in the exchange of meaning, and considering how interaction shapes communication and identity