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PASS (physical activity and sports studies)

Course: PASS (Physical Activity and Sports Studies)        Faculty: PDHPE        Course Fees: Nil

Impact on Stage 6: N/A



Recreation, physical activity, sport and health related fields provide legitimate career pathways. This course provides students with a broad understanding of the multifaceted nature of these fields. It also introduces students to valuable and marketable skills in organisation, enterprise, leadership and communication.

This course promotes the concept of learning through movement and many aspects of this syllabus can be explored through participation in selected movement applications in which students experience, examine, analyse and apply new understanding. Students are encouraged to specialise and study areas in depth, to work towards a particular performance goal, pursue a formal qualification or examine an issue of interest related to the physical, emotional, social, cultural or scientific dimensions of physical activity and sport.



Physical Activity and Sports Studies also promotes learning about movement and provides students with opportunities to develop their movement skills, analyse movement performance and assist the performance of others. The acquisition and successful application of movement skills are closely related to enjoyment of physical activity and the likelihood of sustaining an active lifestyle. Students will appreciate the traditions and special characteristics associated with various physical activities and the artistic and aesthetic qualities of skilled performance and determined effort.



  • Discusses factors that limit and enhance the capacity to move and perform
  • Analyses the benefits of participation and performance in physical activity and sport
  • Discusses the nature and impact of historical and contemporary issues in physical activity and sport
  • Analyses physical activity and sport from personal, social and cultural perspectives
  • Demonstrates actions and strategies that contribute to enjoyable participation and skillful performance
  • Evaluates the characteristics of participation and quality performance in physical activity and sport
  • Works collaboratively with others to enhance participation, active and performance
  • Displays management and planning skills to achieve personal and group goals
  • Performs movement skills with increasing proficiency
  • Analyses and appraises information, opinions and observations to inform physical activity and sport decisions.