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Textiles Technology

Course: Textiles Technology        Faculty: Home Economics        Course Fees: $50.00 + materials

Impact on Stage 6: N/A



Imagine your world without textile fabrics! They truly are an integral part of our daily lives. Come and learn more about them and nurture your creative skills to construct and decorate textile items including apparel, non-apparel, costume, textile arts and furnishings that will stand out from the mass-produced items that others are forced to purchase.

Fabrics for articles will be supplied by students to suit individual tastes and budgets. A charge is levied to help towards the cost of technique samples and equipment maintenance. Students will undertake project work, demonstrating practical skills in design and in the manipulation of textiles, including the ability to select and use appropriate techniques, equipment and technologies.



There are three areas of study:

  • Design
  • Properties and Performance of Textiles
  • Textiles and Society

Other focus areas that direct the choice of student’s projects include:

  • Apparel – includes clothing and accessories such as shoes, hats, scarves, jewellery and belts
  • Furnishings – includes cushions, curtains, bedspreads, lampshades, quilt covers, bed linen, chair coverings, table linen, beanbags
  • Costume – includes theatre costumes, masks, headdress, folk and traditional costumes, fancy dress costumes and dance costumes
  • Textile Arts – includes wall hangings, fabric-based artworks, embroidery, wearable design
  • Non-apparel – includes book covers, toys bags, umbrellas, tents, backpacks, surfboard covers

Focus areas are intended to encourage students to engage with a range of textile items and cater for a variety of student interests. They provide options for students to refine and enhance their knowledge and understanding of textiles using a variety of materials, tools and techniques.



  • Selects and uses appropriate technology to creatively document, communicate and present design and project work
  • Critically selects and creatively manipulates a rage of textile materials to produce quality textile items
  • Selects appropriate techniques and uses equipment safely in the production of quality textile projects
  • Demonstrates competence in the production of textile projects to completion
  • Evaluates textile items to determine quality in their design and construction
  • Explains the creative process of design used in the work of textile designers
  • Generates and develops textile design ideas
  • Investigates and applies methods of colouration and decoration for a range of textile items
  • Analyses the influence of historical, cultural and contemporary perspectives on textile design, construction and use
  • Evaluates the impact of textiles production and use on the individual consumer and society
  • Explains the properties and performance of a range of textile items
  • Justifies the selection of textile materials for specific end uses