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Course: English        Faculty: English        Course Fees: Nil

Impact on Stage 6: Academic progress will determine placements in Graded classes in the Advance and Standard English streams, as well as eligibility into the extension courses.



As the true 'umbrella' subject, the place of English in the school's organisation is central. The development of the communication skills of reading, writing, speaking, viewing and listening are of great importance in Years 7 to 10, but teachers of English also aim to develop in their students:

- a love of literature,

- the ability to use language in a variety of situations, for a variety of audiences,

- the ability to understand non-verbal communication, especially as it is used in drama, the mass media and other digital media, and

- an appreciation of literature.

Students will be given the opportunity to experience a range of different language contexts and in doing so, focus on improving their literacy skills.



The Stage 5 English course currently covers the following:

Year 9

  • Area of Study: Relationships
  • Genre Study: Action/Adventure
  • Have I Got News for You
  • Creative Writing
  • Close study of Novel

Year 10

  • The Language of Protest
  • Close Study of Shakespeare Drama
  • Area of Study: Power
  • Close Study of Poetry
  • Senior Preparation


  • Responds to and composes increasingly sophisticated and sustained texts for understanding, interpretation, critical analysis, imaginative expression and pleasure.
  • Effectively uses and critically assesses a wide range of processes, skills, strategies and knowledge for responding to and composing a wide range of texts in different media and technologies.
  • Selects and uses language forms, features and structures of texts appropriate to a range of purposes, audiences and contexts, describing and explaining their effects on meaning.
  • Effectively transfers knowledge, skills and understanding of language concepts into new and different contexts.
  • Thinks imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information and increasingly complex ideas and arguments to respond to and compose texts in a range of contexts.
  • Investigates the relationships between and among texts.
  • Understands and evaluates the diverse ways texts can represent personal and public worlds.
  • Questions, challenges and evaluates cultural assumptions in texts and their effects on meaning.
  • Purposefully reflects on, assesses and adapts their individual and collaborative skills with increasing independence and effectiveness.