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Course: History        Faculty: History        Course Fees: Nil

Impact on Stage 6: N/A



“History” – the study of people, events, issues, trends, developments and achievements in cultures and civilisations around the world and in time. By its very nature, History involves all other subjects, so excelling and achieving in History is likely to have a positive effect upon all your results. History develops a range of skills and competencies including the ability to inquire, to undertake and conduct research, investigation, source-based analysis and interpretation, critical thinking, problem-based learning and effective communication. These skills are introduced, actively developed and refined through a range of studies and activities. Students “learn-by-doing” is essential for life-long success and achievement.

Through the study of Stage 5 History you will develop a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of Australia’s culture, heritage, values and position in the world. You will also become more aware of issues and values of civics and citizenship and of how Australia has been shaped and influenced by its history.



The content of the History course for Stage 5 comprises of interrelated components - knowledge and understanding about the world and Australian history, skills in historical inquiry, perspectives, values and attitudes, civics and citizenship.

Year 9

Depth Study 1
Making a Better World? - The Industrial Revolution

Depth Study 2
Australia and Asia:  Making a nation 

Core Study – Depth Study 3
Australians at War (World Wars I and II) Mandatory study

Year 10

Depth Study 4: Rights and Freedoms (1945–present) Mandatory study

Depth Study 5:
The Globalising World: Popular culture

Depth Study 6: School-developed topic drawn from either of the overviews.
Examples Include: The Holocaust/ The Vietnam War/ The Cold War


  • Explains and assesses the historical forces and factors that shaped the modern world and Australia
  • Sequences and explains the significant patterns of continuity and change in the development of the modern world and Australia
  • Explains and analyses the motives and actions of past individuals and groups in the historical contexts that shaped the modern world and Australia
  • Explains and analyses the causes and effects of events and developments in the modern world and Australia
  • Identifies and evaluates the usefulness of sources in the historical inquiry process
  • Identifies and evaluates the usefulness of sources in the historical inquiry process
  • Explains different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the modern world and Australia
  • Selects and analyses a range of historical sources to locate information relevant to an historical inquiry
  • Applies a range of relevant historical terms and concepts when communicating an understanding of the past
  • Selects and uses appropriate oral, written, visual and digital forms to communicate effectively about the past for different audiences