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Course: Mathematics        Faculty: Mathematics        Course Fees: $10.00

Impact on Stage 6: Academic progress will determine placements in graded classes in Mathematics Standard, and Mathematics Advanced, as well as eligibility into the extension courses.



In Years 9 & 10, students are placed in one of three levels in graded classes. These are determined from a ranked list of all Year 8 students based on common tests completed throughout the year. The breakdown of the Stage 5 classes is detailed below:


  • the top 25 students will be offered the opportunity to do the Accelerated Mathematics course,
  • the next 60 students given the opportunity to study for the Advanced Mathematics 5.3 course,
  • the next 150 students will study the Mathematics 5.2 course, and
  • the remainder will study the Mathematics5.1 course.

Classes are subject to change throughout Years 9 & 10 based on performance. The level of Mathematics studied, and achievement gained will impact upon the Mathematics courses available for the HSC.




  • Performs operations with surds and indices.
  • Solves consumer arithmetic problems.
  • Applies index laws.
  • Simplifies, expands and factorises algebraic expressions.
  • Solves simple quadratic equations, solves linear inequalities.
  • Uses algebraic techniques to simplify expressions.
  • Determines the midpoint, length and gradient of an interval joining two points on the number plane and graph linear and simple non-linear relationships from equations.
  • Groups data to aid analysis and constructs frequency and cumulative frequency graph.
  • Applies trigonometry to solve problems including those on bearings.
  • Constructs arguments to prove geometrical results.
  • Determine the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals.



  • Expresses recurring decimals in fraction form and converts rates from one set of units to another.
  • Solves consumer arithmetic problems involving earning money.
  • Finds simple areas of composite figures.
  • Applies formulae to find the surface area of pyramids, right cones and spheres.
  • Applies trigonometry to solve problems including those involving angles of elevation and depression.
  • Applies trigonometry to solve problems including those involving bearings.
  • Applies the index laws to simplify algebraic expressions.
  • Develops and applies results for proving triangles are congruent.



  • Simplifies and evaluates arithmetic expressions.
  • Determines the relative frequencies and theoretical probabilities.
  • Uses formulae to calculate the area of quadrilaterals and finds areas and perimeters of simple composite figures.
  • Draws and interprets graphs of physical phenomena.