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Stage 6 introduction


The aim of this booklet is to provide information about the procedures and rules that are essential for gaining the Higher School Certificate. Parents and students will benefit from knowing details of what is available, as well as considering outlines of courses offered at Westfields Sports.

Students and families are advised to take note of the information presented in this book and to consider carefully the options available.

Advice and support are available from all teaching staff and executive. In addition, our careers adviser, Ms Borg has an excellent knowledge of requirements as well as all TAFE options.

Westfields Sports will endeavour to provide the options selected by students. However, consideration and priority will be given to those students who have a good record of attendance and also demonstrate application to their studies. 



The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the culmination of your school career and the highest educational award you can achieve at secondary school in NSW. Your HSC is a VIP pass to a range of opportunities after high school.



Studying the HSC begins with the Preliminary year, usually studied in Year 11. The HSC will involve completing school-based assessment tasks throughout the HSC year and also sitting the HSC exams with the rest of the state. The results of your school based assessments and HSC exams will contribute equally to your final HSC mark.

To be eligible for your HSC, you need to:

  • Be enrolled at a NSW government school, or a registered and accredited non-government school, or a TAFE NSW institute.
  • Study the right number and type of Preliminary and HSC courses.
  • Satisfactorily complete the requirements of those courses, including any practical or project work, or work placement.
  • Complete assessment tasks set by your school for each course.
  • Sit for the required HSC exams with the rest of the state.