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Ancient history

Course: Ancient History

Course No: 15020

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC
Board Developed Course

Exclusions: Nil



The Preliminary course is structured to provide students with opportunities to investigate past people, groups, events, institutions, societies and historical sites from the sources available, by applying the methods used by historians and archaeologists.

The HSC course provides the opportunity for students to investigate in depth the range and nature of archaeological and written sources that provide evidence for a life in Pompeii and Herculaneum. They also study the key features and sources of an ancient society, historical period and ancient personality.



Preliminary Course

Part I:  Investigating Ancient History

a)     The Nature of Ancient History

b)     Case Studies

Students undertake:

  • at least ONE option from ‘The Nature of Ancient History’, AND
  • at least TWO case studies.

ONE case study must be from Egypt, Greece, Rome or Celtic Europe.

ONE case study must be from the Near East, Asia, the Americas or Australia.

Part II: Features of Ancient Societies

Students study at least TWO ancient societies through an investigation of:

  • a different key feature for each society, OR
  • one key feature across the societies selected.

Part III: Historical Investigation

The historical investigation is designed to further develop relevant investigative, research and presentation skills. The investigation should extend a particular area of individual student or group interest. The investigation may be undertaken as a standalone study or integrated into any aspect of the Year 11 course and need not be completed as one project. It may be conducted individually or collaboratively.


HSC Course

Part I: Core Study: Cities of Vesuvius – Pompeii and Herculaneum

Part II: ONE from Ancient Society

Part III:  ONE from Personality in their Times

Part IV: ONE from Historical Period



In the Preliminary course, choices of studies in Parts I, II and III, must be chosen from different civilizations. The Historical Investigation and choice of topics in Parts I and II must not overlap or duplicate significantly any topic attempted for the HSC Ancient History or History Extension courses.