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Food technology

Course: Food Technology

Course No: 15180

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC
Board Developed Course

Course Fee: $100.00

Exclusions: NIL



Students will develop knowledge and understanding about the production, processing and consumption of food, the nature of food and human nutrition and an appreciation of the importance of food to health and its impact on society. Skills will be developed in researching, analysing and communicating food issues, food preparation, and the design, implementation and evaluation of solutions to food situations.



Preliminary Course

  • Food Availability and Selection          (30%)
  • Food Quality                                       (40%)
  • Nutrition                                              (30%)



HSC Course

  • The Australian Food Industry             (25%)
  • Food Manufacture                              (25%)
  • Food Product Development               (25%)
  • Contemporary Nutrition Issues           (25%)



There is no prerequisite study for the 2 unit Preliminary course. Completion of the 2 unit Preliminary course is a prerequisite to the study of the 2 unit HSC course.

In order to meet the course requirements, students must ‘learn about’ Food Availability and Selection, Food Quality, Nutrition, The Australian Food Industry, Food Manufacture, Food Product Development And Contemporary Food Issues.

It is mandatory that students undertake practical activities, such as experimental learning tasks which are specified in the ‘learn to’ section of each strand.