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Japanese beginners

Course: Japanese Beginners

2 Unit for each of Preliminary and HSC, with the option of a 1 unit Extension course for the HSC. 
Board Developed Course.

Course No: 15830


Exclusions: Japanese Continuers; Japanese Extension; Heritage Japanese; Japanese Background Speakers. Strict eligibility rules apply to the study of this subject. Check with your teacher or refer to Section of the Board’s ACE Manual

Course Fee: $30.00


The Preliminary and HSC courses have, as their organisational focuses, themes and associated topics. Students’ skills in, and knowledge of, Japanese will be developed through tasks associated with a range of texts and  text  types, which reflect the themes and topics. Students will also gain an insight into the culture and language of Japanese-speaking communities through the study of a range of texts.




  • The individual
  • The Japanese-speaking communities
  • The changing world

Students’ language skills are developed through tasks such as:

  • Conversation
  • Responding to an aural stimulus
  • Responding to a variety of written material
  • Writing for a variety of purposes
  • Studying Japanese culture through texts