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Course: Music 1

Course No: 15290

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC
Board Developed Course

Prerequisites: Music mandatory course (or equivalent)

Exclusions: Music 2

Fee: $35.00


In the Preliminary and HSC courses, students will study the concepts of music through the learning experiences of performance, composition, musicology and aural within the context of a range of styles, periods and genres.

Website: https://sites.google.com/education.nsw.gov.au/capa-subject-selection/home


Students study at least three topics in each year of the course. Topics are chosen from a list of 21, which covers a range of styles, periods and genres. Some topics include:

  • An Instrument & Its Repertoire                                  
  • Music of the 20th & 21st Centuries
  • Music for Radio, Film, Television & Multimedia        
  • Rock Music
  • Music of a Culture                                                      
  • Technology & Its Influence on Music
  • Music and Religion                                                    
  • Music in Education
  • Theatre Music                                                            
  • Popular Music
  • Music of the 18th Century                                          
  • Music of the 19th Century




HSC course

In addition to core studies in performance, composition, musicology and aural, students select three electives from any combination of performance, composition and musicology. These electives must represent each of the three topics studied in the course.

Students selecting Composition electives will be required to compile a portfolio of work as part of the process of preparing a submitted work. The portfolio may be requested by the NSW Education Standards Authority to validate authorship of the submitted work.