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Preliminary english (extension 1 and 2)


Courses: Preliminary English Extension
                 HSC English Extension 1 & HSC English Extension 2

Course No: 15160 & 15170

Exclusions: English (Standard) English studies and English (EALD)



1 unit of study for each of Preliminary and HSC

Prerequisites:  (a)        English (Advanced)

                          (b)        Preliminary English Extension is a prerequisite for English Extension Course 1

                          (c)        English Extension Course 1 is a prerequisite for English Extension Course 2

In the Preliminary English (Extension) Course, students explore how and why texts are valued in and appropriated into a range of contexts. They consider why some texts may be perceived as culturally significant.

In HSC English Extension Course 1, students explore ideas of value and consider how cultural values and systems of valuation arise. The English Extension 1 course provides students who undertake Advanced English and are accomplished in their use of English with the opportunity to extend their use of language and self-expression in creative and critical ways. Through engaging with increasingly complex concepts through a broad range of literature, from a range of contexts, they refine their understanding and appreciation of the cultural roles and the significance of texts.

In HSC English Extension Course 2, students develop a sustained composition, and document their reflection on this process. The English Extension 2 course enables students who are accomplished in their use of English with the opportunity to craft language and refine their personal voice in critical and creative ways.



Preliminary Extension Course

  • Module: Texts, Culture and Value
  • Related Project

HSC English Extension Course 1

  • The course has one mandatory/common module: Literary Worlds

HSC English Extension Course 2

  • The course requires students to complete a Major Work.



  • Module: Texts, Culture and Value: In the Preliminary English (Extension) Course students explore the ways in which aspects and concerns of texts from the past have been carried forward, borrowed from and/or appropriated into more recent culture. These modules develop students’ understanding of how and why culture values are maintained and changed.
  • Related Project: The related project provides opportunities for students to develop skills in independent investigation and critical and creative thinking

HSC English Extension Course 1

Common Module: Literary Worlds: In this module students explore, investigate, experiment with and evaluate the ways texts represent and illuminate the complexity of individual and collective lives in literary worlds. Students evaluate how ideas and ways of thinking are shaped by personal, social, historical and cultural contexts.

HSC English Extension Course 2 requires completion of a Major Work and a statement of reflection.