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Photography and Visual Design

Course: Photography & Visual Design

Content Endorsed Course

Course Fee: $55.00

Exclusions: Projects developed for assessment in one subject are not to be used either in full or in part for assessment in any other subject.



Photography & Visual Design offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary artistic practices that make use of photography, digital imaging and design practices. It encourages students to explore the practices of graphic, wearable, product and interior/exterior designers as well as representation of ideas in the fields of photography and/or video and/or digital imaging.

Through the critical and historical study of designed and photographic works students are able to analyse and make informed judgements about the artworks that surround them – works reflect and construct the image they have of themselves, others and their world.

Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding through the making of photographs and designed objects that lead to and demonstrate conceptual and technical accomplishment. They will also develop knowledge, skills and understanding that lead to increasingly accomplished critical and historical investigations.


Modules may be selected in any of the three broad fields of:

  • Wet Photography
  • Video
  • Digital Imaging
  • Graphic design
  • Wearable design
  • Product design
  • Interior/exterior design


Students are required to keep a diary throughout the course.