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Course: Work Studies

Content Endorsed Course

Course Fee: $15.00

Exclusions: NIL



The successful transition of students from school to the workforce, further education and training is a major issue faced by Australian students, schools, employers and tertiary education organisations. The Work Studies syllabus is designed to assist students in their transition from school to work. It develops knowledge and understanding of the issues faced by students in the transition to work and the skills needed for effective career planning and performance of tasks in the work environment.

The aim of the Work Studies syllabus is to enable young people to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to allow them to experience a successful transition from school to work and further education and training.



Students will develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of work, the work environment and skills for employment 
  • Knowledge and understanding of employment options, career management, life planning and further education and training 
  • Skills for success in the workplace 
  • Skills in critically assessing personal and social influences on individuals and groups.
  • The course has one core unit, and 11 elective course modules.


Core – My Working Life


  • In the Workplace
  • Preparing Job Applications
  • Workplace Communication
  • Teamwork and Enterprise Skills
  • Managing Work and Life Commitments
  • Personal Finance
  • Workplace Issues
  • Self-Employments
  • Team Enterprise Project
  • Experiencing Work
  • School Developed Option