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Stage 6 requirements and information


Study a minimum of 12 units in the Preliminary course and a minimum of 10 units in the HSC course. Both the Preliminary course and the HSC course must include the following:

  • At least 6 units from Board Developed Courses
  • At least 2 units of a Board Developed Course in English
  •  At least three courses of 2 units value or greater
  •  At least four subjects
  • At most 6 units of courses in Science


If you wish to be awarded the HSC you must:

  • Have satisfactorily completed courses that meet the pattern of study required by the NSW Education Standards Authority for the award of the Higher School Certificate. This includes:
  • Completion of practical, oral or project works required for specific courses
  • Completion of the assessment requirements for each course
  • Sitting for and making a serious attempt at the Higher School Certificate examinations.
  • ensuring the flexibility and versatility of the HSC to cater for the full range of students
  • encouraging every student to achieve at their highest possible level
  • a focus on the acquisition of deep knowledge, understanding and skills for students.


To be eligible for the award of HSC you must select from the following:


Board Developed Courses

(including Life Skills courses) You need to pick a minimum of 3 subjects (6 Units)

Ancient History
Business Studies
Community and Family Studies
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Engineering Studies
English Extension (1 Unit)
English Studies
Food Technology
General Mathematics
History Extension

Industrial Technology
Investigating Science
Japanese Beginners
Japanese Continuers
Legal Studies
Mathematics 2U
Mathematics Extension 1 and 2
Modern History
Society and Culture
Spanish Beginners
Spanish Continuers
Studies of Religion
Textiles and Design
Visual Arts

VET Courses
Only 1 subject (2 Units) can count towards your ATAR.

Assistant Dance Teaching
Business Services

Hospitality (Food and Beverage)
Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)
Retail Services

Content Endorsed Courses
Work Skills HSC. These courses count towards the HSC but do not count towards your ATAR.

Exploring Early Childhood
Visual Design

Sports Coaching
Work Studies


What is ‘HSC: All My Own Work’?

‘HSC: All My Own Work’ is a program designed to help HSC students to follow the principles and practices of good scholarship. This includes understanding, valuing and using ethical practices of good scholarship. This includes understanding, valuing and ethical practices when locating and using information as part of their HSC studies.

Students who have completed the program will also know about the penalties of cheating and how to avoid malpractice when preparing their work for assessment.

The ‘HSC: All My Own Work’ consists of five modules:

  • Scholarship Principles and Practices
  • Acknowledging Sources
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyright
  • Working with others

The program builds on existing programs in schools and provides flexibility in delivery. It also recognizes the rapid growth in information available to students through the Internet.

How is ‘HSC: All My Own Work’ related to HSC eligibility?

All students entered for one or more HSC courses with an external examination are required to have satisfactorily completed HSC: All My Own Work or its equivalent. 


You must satisfactorily complete HSC requirements. If you are not meeting requirements the principal will give you written warnings and the opportunity to correct any problems.


Parents and students of Year 10 should be aware of the non ATAR option that we are offer called Work Skills HSC. Each year only about one third of Year 12 students from Westfields Sports go straight to university, therefore the majority of our students do not need an ATAR. This option is designed for senior students who want to get their HSC but do not want to go to university. The Work Skills HSC would require few or no HSC exams and mostly practical based subjects.

There will be at least one CEC subject available on each subject line for the Work Skills HSC. Parents and students are encouraged to think seriously about this option. The CEC subjects can be found in the GREEN section of this booklet.

A maximum of three CEC courses can be selected to satisfy preliminary requirements.


  • The NSW Education Standards Authority publication, Studying for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate  An Information Booklet for Year 10 Students, contains all the HSC rules and requirements you will need to know.
  • If you wish to receive an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), you must study a minimum of 10 Board Developed units in the HSC Course. The booklet, University Entry Requirements 2014 Year 10 Booklet, published by UAC and available at the end of July, 2013, contains important information about entry to university courses, course prerequisites and other information to assist your choice of HSC courses for study in Years 11 and 12 in preparation for university entry.
  • If you do not wish to receive an ATAR, the rest of your courses may be made up from Board Endorsed Courses once you have studied six units from Board Developed Courses.

Additional information is available on the NSW Education Standards Authority Website:


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