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Homework Centre

Supporting student learning beyond the classroom

The Westfields Sports High School Homework Centre operates three times a week from the school Library. The Homework Centre runs from Tuesday to Thursday, from 3:06pm to 4:15pm.

The Homework Centre is operated by experienced teachers who can assist students with their homework and school assignments. Homework is seen as a vital part of learning and students can expect to have either assignments or homework in each of their subjects.

'Homework refers to tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside of the classroom. Common homework assignments may include a quantity or period of reading, writing, problems to be solved, a school project to be built or other skills to be practiced'.

Westfields Sports Policies & Procedures - Homework

The Homework Centre is especially beneficial to those students looking for a quiet place to concentrate on their learning outside of their home or to those seeking help with a particular homework problem or their assignments.

Students are required to sign in to the Homework Centre before entering the Library and will be supervised until 4.15PM before being escorted off school premises by one of the supervising teachers. Students are also required to maintain school rules and expectations, work quietly and use the library resources respectfully and appropriately.

2017 Homework Centre Supervision

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Coordinators R. Farnon
D. Van Hoek
H. Johnson
  P. Presad
M. Bennett
(Social Sciences)
K. Smith
  W. Chan
Q. Elson
(Visual Arts)
D. O'Dwyer

For more information please contact the Learning Centre on (02) 9604 3333.