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About our school

Westfields Sports, Australia's first sports school is committed to providing each student with the educational opportunities and quality resources essential for the achievement of personal excellence in scholarship, citizenship, sport and the arts.

Our extended educational community provides a caring environment, recognising and rewarding individual and co-operative achievement. Students are the focus of all our endeavours.

Located in Fairfield West, the school offers local area students and outstanding sportspersons from Sydney, all Australian states and overseas, the opportunity to complete their secondary education in a strongly supportive environment.

Westfields Sports has a strong academic and sporting tradition, a reputation for innovation and a staff committed to encouraging personal excellence. Westfields Sports allows talented sportspersons a chance to pursue sporting dreams in partnership with their education.

The successful development of the school rests on the outstanding work of the dedicated staff, talented students and parent support groups. Flexible timetabling, a comprehensive curriculum, the Westfields student welfare model and outstanding sports programs have attracted ongoing national and international interest and recognition.

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