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Physical Performance (S & C)


Tony Wignell - Head of Physical Performance 

• Bachelor of Education (PDHPE)

• Level 2 Strength and Conditioning

• Elite Professional Structure Coach

• Masters in Strength and Conditioning

Drazena Bogovac - S&C Coach

• Level 1 Strength and Conditioning

Zac French - S&C Coach

• Level 1 Strength and Conditioning 

Brad Genova - S&C Coach

• Level 2 Strength and Conditioning

Tim Massard - S&C Coach

• Level 2 Strength and Conditioning

Westfields Sports boasts a high performance facility capable of training a variety of fitness parameters. One part of this is "weight" training which is considered an important part of the Talented Sports Athlete Program. Students perform exercises that are age and strength dependent along the Long Term Athletic Development pathway (LTAD). This ensures every athlete is physically competent prior to moving onto the next stage of their training. Early on, (Year 7 and 8) the athletes will focus on core and body weight/light weight exercises to improve technique and coordination. Once the core competencies are established the athletes progress through a range of free weight, machine exercises and plyometric movements with continued focus on technique and safety.

When a student attends a weights room session, they perform exercises from their sport specific, individualized program provided by the strength and conditioning coordinator (S&C). They are at all times supervised by the S&C coordinator or another qualified S&C coach. The athlete's sports coaches are often present at the sessions to assist the S&C coordinator. At no stage will an athlete be expected to complete an exercise that is not appropriate for their experience, expertise or physical competence.

There are some myths that circulate regarding the use of weight training and youth athletes. The usual ones are that weights will:

  • stunt an athletes growth
  • damage the young athletes growth plates
  • will make an athlete to big, to slow or uncoordinated
  • will cause injury.

In actual fact, performing a weights program prescribed by an experienced S&C coach will allow none of these things to occur. There has been much scientific research undertaken with regards to young athletes and strength training. All have found no damage to a young athletes growth plates or stunting of height. Weight training is very safe and with appropriate supervision has a lower rate of injury than court and field based sports.

Like any training, sometimes in the short-term weight training may make an athlete slightly slower, and a little sore but in the long term, strength and power will be developed. Overall, weights' training is a vital part of an athlete's physical development. It helps reduce risk of injury, and improves an athlete's agility, speed, coordination, balance and power. 

Further information on safety or any other aspect of the strength and conditioning program is available in our risk assessment or by contacting Tony Wignell at the school.

Learning from Home

All athletes to our sporting programs have been given access to their strength and conditioning home programs to be completed during this time away from school and training.

All athletes will be required to download the app from the link below for either Apple or Android:

Teambuildr for Apple

Teambuildr for Android

An account has been set up for every athlete and an activation link sent to their school email address.

All athletes will allocated to their sports individual calendar where they will have sessions available for them to be able to complete. The exercises, reps/sets and videos on how to correctly perform the exercises will be found in the athletes training program. Each athlete is required to enter the data they have completed in each session and submit for the Physical Performance staff to review and report on to sport coaches. A link below shows how this data entry should be completed by the athlete.

Athlete data entry in Teambuildr App

Any questions regarding the training program can be sent to the performance coaches through the messaging link in the Teambuildr App and will be promptly replied too.