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Positive Peer Culture (PPC)


Please note: this is a preliminary page - more information and a complete policy is coming soon.
Westfields Sports High School's policy on dealing with bullying, harassment and various types of conflict involves the idea of Positive Peer Culture. (PPC)
PPC adapts the NSW DET Policy on peer mediation. This ideal carries a dual role in teaching students to be leaders and exposing young people to an increased ability to resolve their own issues. It also adheres to our belief in the safe, respectful learner as it promotes a safer school environment with a hope of reduced bullying incidents.


"Peer mediation is one of the conflict resolution strategies available to schools. Peer invites students (disputants) to take responsibility for their actions by working together to find solutions to conflict. It involves two trained students (mediators) leading the disputants through a structured process. The mediators do not take sides and conflicts mediated remain confidential." from Department of Education Peer mediation- helping students to resolve conflict in peaceful ways.