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2017 WAC Presentation

WAC photo 2017


Left to right: Ryan Dueza, Renae Dehn, Riley Butler, Zac Zaineddine, John Thornell, Yadin Ngeng, Nicholas Tselepis, Bailey Woodward


2017 WAC Presentation Night

Another impressive year during 2016-2017 saw a night of celebration to which we have become accustomed. We had planned on having Australia's greatest ever thrower Dani Stevens (nee Samuels) be our special guest however for only the third time in 16 years Dani was unavailable to attend due to International commitments. Instead we invited stars from the past to act as guest presenters: Paul Stickler, John Thornell, Sharyn Dickson and Matt Outzen did the honours and an enjoyable night ensued with 150 in attendance.

Our sincere thanks to the St Johns Park Bowling club who have for the last fourteen years hosted our function in their grand function room. Thanks as well to his Excellency Roberto Fromer (Brazil Consul General) for his presence in awarding the Adhemar Ferreira da Silva Scholarship and all the guests and sponsors listed below.

Achievement Award (unhighlighted: absent)


Agee Amegashie, Aleksia Drinkwater, Alessia De Rossi, Alexandra Alizart , Anthony Fediakov, Ava Honore, Bianca Frketic , Bradley Jones, Cameron Banovich, Cameron Saville, Kristie Caplikas , Capri Noonan , Christina McGrath  , Daniel Maran, Daniel Small, Elise White Gabbie Waite Geromy Cluff Gloria Vuki , Hayden Kovacic , Izabella Epati, Jack Fouracre , James Fitzgibbob-Solis, Jarrod Beasley , Jordan Roth 2, Kathryn Beck, Mahbobeh Hashemi , Maria Cenic, Marikit Reyes, Matthew Huang, Michael Taylor , Mitchell Parsons, Monalisa Sololia , Raven Pyda, Renae Dehn, Ryan Dueza , Shadi Bahlawan , Sophie Smith , Taneka Osgood , Thomas Tohi Hiku , Youssef Bahlawan


Kyle Alexis, Hayden Kovacic, Daniel Small, Daniel Maran


State Medallists


Annelise Isaacs , Bradley Pereira , Callum Hancock , Dominic Darko, Gabbie Waite, Godwin Opoku-Mensah , Jakob Masters , James Cluff , Joshua Sanerivi , Kaitlin Woodward , Larry Adeniran , Maddox Asotasi-Barthou , Malik Abou-Halka, Natalija Pavicevic , Niraal Sharma , Noah Zoobi , Obssa Youssef , Paige Merriman , Praneesh Chand , Riley Butler , Shehan Dhanapala , Sophia Dagher , Tyler Clarke, Tyson Isakka , Zac Zaineddine  (Also winning State medals: Aimey Bowrey , Sanaila Koroiravu , Sarah Ringrose, Yadin Ngeng , Dani Stevens)


Sharyn Dickson, Alison White, Laura Martino. (Also winning State medals: Dani Stevens)


National Medallists

Sharyn Dickson

Aimey Bowrey

Sanaila Koroiravu  

Sarah Ringrose

Yadin Ngeng

Dani Stevens


Sports Factory Award  

Zac Zaineddine               ($150)

Taneka Osgood               ($150)


Roger Green award                       

Aleksia Drinkwater          ($100)


Event Awards   



Male Junior                        -              Yadin Ngeng                     ($100)

Female Junior                    -              Alexandra Alizart              ($100)

Male Senior                        -              Hayden Kovacic               ($100)

Fem Senior                         -              Nil

Middle Distance

Male Junior                        -              Praneesh Chand               ($100)

Fem Junior                          -             Annelise Isaacs                ($100)


Male Junior                        -              Riley Butler                        ($100)

Fem  Junior                         -             Renae Dehn                      ($100)  

Male Senior                        -              Kurt Jenner                       ($100)

Fem  Senior                        -              Laura Martino                   ($100)


Fem Junior                          -              Sarah Ringrose                ($100)

Female Senior                   -               Sharyn Dickson                ($100)

Winter Athletes

Mitchell Parsons                                                                          ($100)

Paige Merriman                                                                            ($100)


Junior Female                    -              Aimie Bowrey                     ($100)

Junior Male                        -              Tyson  Isakki                       ($100)  

Athletes of the year

Male Junior                        -              Yadin Ngeng                       ($250)

Female Junior                    -              Sarah Ringrose                  ($250)

Male Senior                        -              Bailey Woodward               ($400)

Female Senior                   -               Laura Martino                     ($400)


Adhemar Ferreira da Silva Scholarship

Yadin Ngeng                      -         ($1000 plus trip for athlete and coach to Interstate meet)                            


Thank you to our sponsors:

Action Badges

Club Liverpool

St Johns Park Bowling Club

The Sports Factory

Rosemary and Wilf Mula

David and Karin Suchy

Consulate General of Brazil



Thank you to our guests:

Roger Davis, Joanne Kenny, Rosemary Mula, Wilf Mula, Roberto Fromer  (Brazil Consul), Robert Marks (apology), John Thornell, Sharyn Dickson, Paul Stickler, Geoff Lewsham, Tom Jones, Dallas Stewart, Brian McCormack, Steve Want, Matues Cemal (Brazilian Consul driver), Quinn Elson Photography, Andrew Rogers, Robert Trueman, Antoinette Kealy-Ashby, Richard Tait, Mark Butler, Isabelle Osborne, Pete Knapman, Jarryd Chippendale.