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2019 WAC Presentation Night

2019 WAC Presentation Night

2019 WAC Presentation Night

The 29th WAC Presentation Night was a special celebration. 2019 saw the sad passing of two of our dearest coaches Fred O’Connor and Ron White. Fred had passed earlier in the year at the age of 94 after a long battle with cancer. Ron passed suddenly while delivering a speech at a friend’s funeral. They collectively contributed a half of a century of knowledge and coaching to our athletes, each having been in our employ for about 25 years. Thanks to the Jenner family for commissioning the Fred O’Connor memorial award which was presented to Teagan Hunter. Also a big thank you to Ron’s widow and son who attended the wards and accepted a posthumous Life Membership pin.

Congratulations to all our recipients and thanks to our special guest Kyle Cranston. For the first time the same special guest was used two years in a row. Kyle paid tribute to his mentor and Coach Ron White.


Sports Factory   Steve Want  presenter

Male                                                   Cameron Banovich          $200

Female                                               Destiny McGoon              $200


Roger Green award         -              Jakob Masters                   ($100)

Fred O’Connor Award                    Teagan Hunter


Male Junior                        -              Rashid Kabba                    ($100)

Female Junior                   -              Aleksandra Stoilova         ($100)

Male Senior                       -              Nil

Fem Senior                         -              Nil

Middle Distance

Male Junior                        -              Mitchell Parsons               ($100)

Fem Junior                         -              Ava Honore                       ($100)


Male Junior                        -              Rashid Kabba                    ($100)

Fem  Junior                        -              Audrey Nadaya-Harb      ($100)   

Male Senior                       -              Bailey Woodward            ($100)

Fem  Senior                       -              Laura Martino                   ($100)


Male Junior                        -              Bryce Nolan                       ($100)

Fem Junior                         -              Sarah Ringrose                  ($100)

Winter Athletes

Junior Male                                      Mitchell Parsons               ($100)

Junior Female                   -              Ava Honore                       ($100)



Junior Female                   -              Amie Bowrey                    ($100)

Junior Male                       -              Raven Pyda                        ($100)   

Athletes of the year

Male Junior                        -              Rashid Kabba                    ($250)

Female Junior                   -              Aleksandra Stoilova         ($250)

Male Senior                       -              Bailey Woodward            ($400)

Female Senior                   -              Sarah Ringrose                  ($400)

Winner of Adhemar Ferreira da Silva Scholarship:

Rashid Kabba ($1000)