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Parent teacher interviews - manage bookings

To manage Parent Teacher Interviews you will need to have created an account at the Westfields Sports High School Family Portal. Once you log into the portal you are taken directly to the Parent Teacher Booking management page. [Image 1].

Bookings close 3pm the day before the Parent Teacher Night.


  1. Select the night you wish to make bookings for by clicking on the date of the night. You will see the list of students under the dates and when you select a date the date will colour green and then the booking sheet will appear. [Image 1]
  2. The booking sheet shows all the available timeslots for the night selected and any bookings you may have made.
  3. To make a booking click the green plus (+) button next to the timeslot you wish to book, a list of classes will appear [Image 2]
    1. each timeslot is 5 minutes long
    2. when making bookings please leave a 5 minute timeslot empty between each of your bookings to give you time to move from one place to the next
    3. if you have more than one student who has interviews on a night you will see their classes listed separately
    4. if both students share a teacher in common you are able to make two bookings to see that teacher
    5. the list of classes shows all classes that you have not yet made a booking for - as you make a booking the class will appear in the list of booking instead [Image 1]
    6. if a teacher is unavailable then their name is highlighted in red [Image 2]
    7. if you are trying to book for a Year 10 or 8 student during subject selection time then a red box will appear [Image 3]
      1. Subject Selection nights are held for Year 10 and Year 8 students commencing 6:30pm in the Stadium
      2. the last timeslot available for booking for Year 10 and Year 8 students is 6:10pm
    8. click on a class to make a booking for that class - if someone has booked in the meantime they you will be shown a message and asked to pick another class
    9. once a booking has been made it will appear in the list of bookings for that night
    10. click another timeslot to book another interview
  4. To delete a booking click the red minus (-) button and the booking will be deleted and the booking sheet updated. [Image 1]
  5. To print a list of your bookings click the Print button [Image 1]
    1. the list will open in a new window as a PDF you can choose to save or print
  6. The day before a Parent Teacher night you will receive an email reminder with a list of any bookings.

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